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PSH Floorcare’s Expert Cleaning and Protection Services

As the seasons change, so does the opportunity to breathe new life into our outdoor living areas. At PSH Floorcare, nestled in the vibrant heart of Memphis, TN, we understand the significance of maintaining not just the cleanliness of your indoor spaces but extending that care and precision to your outdoor sanctuaries as well. With an esteemed reputation in indoor upholstery cleaning, we’re thrilled to offer our specialized outdoor patio furniture cleaning and protection services.

Our aim is simple: to transform your patio furniture into a pristine, inviting retreat for relaxation and entertainment, ensuring it endures through every season.

Patio Cushion Cleaning and Protection
Patio Cushion Cleaning and Protection

Beyond Clean: The PSH Floorcare Difference

Outdoor furniture, while enhancing the beauty and functionality of our patios, is constantly exposed to the elements. Dirt, grime, and unexpected stains can accumulate, compromising the comfort and aesthetic appeal of your outdoor space. Utilizing advanced equipment alongside eco-friendly cleaning solutions, our dedicated team at PSH Floorcare meticulously eradicates dirt, mildew, pollen, and various outdoor pollutants from all types of furniture materials. The result? Your furniture restored to its original glory.

Shielding Beauty with Fiber ProTector

But why stop at cleaning? To ensure your furniture not only looks great but is also durably protected, we apply Fiber ProTector of America post-cleaning. This premier fabric protector technology crafts an invisible barrier around fibers, remarkably enhancing resistance against spills, stains, and UV damage. Its environmentally friendly composition makes it an ideal choice for all fabric types, offering you a worry-free experience to enjoy your revitalized outdoor furnishings.

Commitment to Excellence

At PSH Floorcare, your experience is key —from the initial contact to the final inspection of our work. Our goal is to ensure a seamless, satisfying service journey. Plus, with our satisfaction guarantee, your satisfaction is assured, or we’ll make it right.

Elevate Your Outdoor Experience
Ready to transform your outdoor living spaces? Reach out to PSH Floorcare and schedule your professional outdoor patio furniture cleaning service today. Our team is eager to provide you with a free, no-obligation quote and answer any queries. Let us enhance your outdoor oasis in Memphis, TN, and beyond.

Thank you for considering PSH Floorcare for your outdoor patio furniture cleaning and protection needs. We’re excited to serve you and to infuse new vitality into your outdoor spaces. Contact us at (901) 572-1049 or via our online form to embark on the journey to a rejuvenated outdoor living area.