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Do It Yourself Protection May Cost You More (In The Long Run)

Considering the Pros and Cons of DIY Fabric Protection

Deciding on fabric protection for your valuable furnishings might lead you to the DIY route. It’s true that many tasks are easier and potentially cheaper when done personally. However, before you start treating your furniture and precious heirloom rugs with store-bought sprays, it’s worth pondering a few important points.

Black soiling around baseboards

Choosing the Right Product

Selecting a suitable over-the-counter protector can be tricky. Not all products are equally safe for use at home or on specific types of furniture. In contrast, our range of products has undergone thorough testing, ensuring they offer reliable protection for your furniture, family, and area rugs.

The Risk of Incorrect Application

DIY application, especially from aerosol cans, often leads to uneven coverage. Without extensive experience, you risk leaving parts of your furniture inadequately protected, creating vulnerable spots where dirt and grime can accumulate.

Comparing Effectiveness

Store-bought stain protectors typically don’t match the strength and efficacy of professional-grade products in warding off stains. When safeguarding the beauty and longevity of your possessions, compromising on quality isn’t recommended. Call today and ask which of our Fiber ProTector™ line of products is right for you and then schedule your appointment to have us profesionally treat your furnishings and area rugs.

Understanding the ‘Halo’ Effect

Certain stain removal products can actually strip color from your furnishings, leaving behind a noticeable ‘halo’ effect in place of the original stain. The “Halo Effect” can occur when a stain remover or fabric protection product is used incorrectly on upholstered furniture or other fabric-covered items. Instead of just removing the stain, the product may also remove or lighten the dye in the fabric, leaving behind a lighter area that looks like a halo around the original stain. This can be particularly problematic with stronger chemicals or when applied to delicate fabrics that are not colorfast.

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