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Now Offering Germ, Virus, Allergen and Odor Removal

We’re pleased top announce that PSH Floorcare is now an approved providers of Just Gone Systems.

GREEN SAFE removal of Germs, Viruses, Allergens, and Odors!

The Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ by PSH Floorcare uses a technologically advanced process to deodorize and  sanitize areas of your home or business without the need for toxic chemicals or fragrances, which require wiping and rinsing manually.

The Just Gone Sanitizing & Deodorizing System™ can sanitize against a number of germs, allergens, odors, and indoor contaminants in just a fraction of the time needed by other sanitation systems.

What type of facilities could benefit?

  • Homes
  • Businesses
  • School gyms
  • Health clubs
  • Fitness gyms
  • Spas
  • Resorts
  • Martial arts facilities
  • Racquetball clubs
  • Car, RV, & Boat dealers
  • Day care facilities
  • Healthcare facilities
  • Real Estate professionals
  • And many many more

What can be sanitized quickly and easily with this system?


  • Exercise equipment
  • Gym mats
  • Showers
  • Steam rooms
  • Saunas
  • Locker rooms
  • Walls and floors
  • Swimming pool and hot tub tiled areas
  • Waiting rooms
  • Massage tables, equipment and rooms
  • Athletic protection equipment

Give your home a “flu shot”

Watch our short video that explains how using the JUST GONE SYSTEM of odor and bacteria elimination can have a huge impact on the health of your home or business.

PSH Floorcare is now an official service provider of this amazing product.

Read Our Video Transcript

So what can you do to make your home healthier? Give your home a flu shot. That’s where the Just Gone Sanitizing and Deodorizing System the flu shot for your home comes into play.

With the Just Gone Sanitizing and Deodorizing System we can remove all odors germs and bacteria in rooms and spaces in your home 100% guaranteed. In most cases your home can be sanitized and deodorized within 24 hours and in some cases as little as four hours after affected areas within your home have been clean. The Just Gone Sanitizing and Deodorizing System sanitizes and deodorizes by first using an advanced dry fog system that goes everywhere within the interior of your home including the ductwork, behind the baseboard and framing, and all those nooks and crannies. This system removes
all harmful germs bacteria odors allergens and indoor contaminants without leaving any harmful residues. It doesn’t use any harsh chemicals or fragrances nor does it require time-consuming manual wipe down or rinsing. Even delicate surfaces can be sanitized and deodorized in a fraction of the time and with the highest degree of effectiveness.

Second, using our patented Zoono technology, our surface protector provides an offensive shield against mold allergens and bacteria. Zoono uses antimicrobial nanotechnology that uses intelligent molecules to actively and consistently reduce pathogen loads on services by using physics to kill germs instead of chemistry. What does this mean? It means the Zoono technology is less toxic than vitamin C, yet providing you with a peace of mind that your home is odor free and all odors and bacteria are effectively eliminated for up to 90 days. Nothing works as well as the Just Gone Sanitizing and Deodorizing System. Call your local Just Gone Sanitizing and Deodorizing dealer today and ask to get a flu shot for your home.


A new era in Antimicrobial Technology

Safe, Water-based Compound


A new era in Antimicrobial Technology

Long-lasting, 24-hour protection


A new era in Antimicrobial Technology

Effective, kills 99.99% of germs


A new era in Antimicrobial Technology

Nontoxic, Long-lasting Antimicrobial Protection

In this short video we introduce you to Zoono, a safe, long-lasting antimicrobial that kill is designed to kill germs in a whole new way.

Zoono is a nontoxic*, water-based solution that provides a protective nanomolecular layer of “pins” which destroy microbes on contact. Virtually odorless and colorless, Zoono forms an invisible shield that protects you from a broad spectrum of harmful microorganisms including bacteria, mold, fungi and viruses.

Read Our Video Transcript

All day every day we battle an invisible enemy, germs, they’re everywhere bacteria, viruses, fungi, mold. These insidious organisms wage a relentless war that can have devastating effects on our health and well-being. Try our best adapting the traditional defenses come with their own risks and drawbacks. Traditional disinfectants and toxic agents we use to kill germs by poisoning them pose a threat to our environment. And germs have shown an ability to mutate and become resistant to an alcohol-based sanitizers that dry out our skin and lose their effectiveness quickly.

Now there’s a better solution, Zoono safe long-lasting antimicrobial that kills germs in a whole new way. FDA and EPA approved; Zoono’s water-based formulation is one-of-a-kind. no other product on earth can more successfully combat germs safely and with a long-lasting effectiveness of Zoono. What makes Zoono different is that rather than poisoning or dehydrating germs, Zoono forms a micro thin layer of fins which physically destroys germs on contact.

Unlike most disinfectants that work only for a few minutes while they’re wet and lose effectiveness as they evaporate, Zoono starts to work and immediately, and becomes more effective as it dries, creating a protective barrier that lasts up to 30 days on the surface and up to 24 hours on skin. Made from the most basic of raw organic compounds, Zoono is a virtually odorless and colorless water-based solution.
It’s less toxic than Vitamin C and dermatologist tested Zoono is non-toxic to humans and animals. Zoono technology offers round-the-clock protection from germs in almost any environment from hospitals and restaurants to schools and homes.

Zoono provides safe and effective defense against the hazardous germs that surround us. In the battle for your health germs never stop, neither should your defenses.
Don’t rely on other products to do what only Zuno can. Zoono safe long-lasting antimicrobial.

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